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Solar Inverter Repairs & Replacement Services Adelaide

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We offer solar PV companies and system owners in and around Adelaide a convenient

solution should your PV inverter stop working.

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Whether you're an installer or a customer, we're a service provider who specialises in

repairing or exchanging inverters. Our aim is to keep residential solar systems running so

you're saving you money.

If your inverter stops working for some reason, you can contact us or we'll contact you and

check if an exchange or repair is required. Fronius inverters are repaired on site.

To make it easy for you, please provide your details using this form. Providing your inverter

details this way gives you time to gather the information required before contacting us.

Please note that if you phone us, we'll ask you for the brand and serial number of your

inverter and the error code the inverter is showing on it's display.

Once we've received your service request form or spoken to you, we'll decide whether a

replacement or repair is required.


Please be advised that customers using our service will be charged a call out (inspection) fee.

Customers living outside a 25Km radius from Adelaide GPO may attract extra charges for

travelling time and accommodation costs.


Fronius Service Partner No: AU-1733

Electrical Contractors License No: PGE 212294


Servicing major inverter brands including...

Fronius - Growatt - SMA and more...


Our Payment Terms...

- Cash

- Bank Cheque

- Direct Bank Deposit

(Sorry, we do not accept personal or business cheques or credit card payments)

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