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Do you have a Fronius brand solar inverter that's not working?

If you have and you reside in Adelaide or surrounding areas, we can help you get back

on line quickly so you're saving money again.

IRRS is a Fronius Service Partner which means we are qualified technicians who are

able to repair your Fronius inverter on site. This is a huge benefit to you, because your

solar PV system will be re-connected to the grid and saving you money a lot faster than if

you had another brand of inverter.

Regardless of who you bought your solar system from or who installed it, if your inverter

is a Fronius, call us if your inverter has stopped working.

***Please note the following***

When you call us, we will ask you for the following information...

1. The installation date. This is the date that your solar system was installed and

commissioned. This date can be found on the "Certificate Of Compliance" (COC) which

will have been supplied to you on the day your system was installed.

2. The serial number of your inverter which can be found underneath the inverter and on

the very front edge adjacent to the black knob for the front slide panel. The number will

look similar to this... 18043672/20. This serial number helps us identify the inverter

model and when it was supplied.

Once you have these 2 pieces of information, call us and we'll help resolve your issue.


Fronius Service Partner No: AU-1733

Electrical Contractors License No: PGE 212294


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