Inverter Repairs & Replacement Services (IRRS)

What do you do if your Inverter fails?

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Inverters still in warranty...

If your inverter is still covered by warranty, you need to first of all contact the company

who installed your solar system and ask them to address the issue. If the company is no

longer in business or won't help you, feel free to contact us here and we'll help you.

Inverters with expired warranties...

Should you be in a situation where your inverter has an expired warranty and stops

working, you have 2 options...

Option 1 is to ask us for a quote on the repair of your existing inverter which we can

provide. Depending on what brand it is, it may be able to be repaired on site. We repair

Fronius inverters on site.

However other brands require us to remove the inverter from your wall and send it away

for repair. Though this option will be cheaper for you, the warranty on the repair will

generally be only 1 year after the initial standard 5 year warranty has expired.

Option 2 is to look at purchasing a new inverter which will come with a new 5 year (or

extended) warranty. At the rate inverters are dropping in price, option 2 may be a more

viable alternative to having your inverter repaired. We can help you with this decision

after providing prices for both options. Contact us for more advice on what best suits

your situation.


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